Music – Rebirth

I like my songs raw. From the heart.

Hi there. Most of you would have known me as Ceremony Woods over the last few years. I am and was on a journey of transformation and feel that this has come full circle! I am ready to come back to my birth name Norina. Over the next couple of weeks I will adapt the different profiles – for now you can still look up my music under Ceremony Woods and find me on both websites. For the last four years my statement was “By changing ourselves, we change the world” and I surely lived up to that! Now, a new chapter has begun…

Love & light, Norina Merkabah


Earth Medicine – 9 songs for Mother Earth, Pachamama, our beloved Planet. Relax, do your yoga practice, close your eyes… I hope to touch your Soul with the lyrics and to call us into action!

Now on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon & all other online stores. Youtube videos will be added, soon.

Arohanui, much love

Luminous {Mantra}

Sacred Mantra on the guitar and harmonium will take you on an inner journey. The Mantra are recorded as Kirtan – call and response – for you to join in and sing along! On Spotify, iTunes and all other online platforms.

Ways to connect:

Be in touch if you would like me to play in your yoga class or studio, during a cacao ceremony, at a festival or event.