intuitive visual & performing artist.

I express through voice, sound, movement, symbols and colour. A signature for my work is the soul language that comes through intuitively.

  • Norina Merkabah performing artist singer-songwriter
  • Norina Merkabah tattoo artist New Zealand hand poke
  • Norina Merkabah performing artist New Zealand Aotearoa visual art
  • Ecstatic Dance at Kawai Purapura (c) Cadby Kong Norina Merkabah
  • Norina Merkabah by Selina Zwahlen Germany
  • performance artist New Zealand Aotearoa Norina Merkabah
  • Norina Merkabah performing artist industrial elbphilharmonie Philharmonic Hamburg Germany
  • Norina Merkabah Lanzarote Spain performing artist dance
  • Norina Merkabah performing artist Aotearoa
  • earth medicine Norina Merkabah artist singer-songwriter
  • Installation Hamburg Germany Norina Merkabah 2014 God's hands
  • Norina Merkabah soul language calligraphy work artist art


God’s hands

Solo-exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, 2015. A series of black and white drawings of “God’s hands”. Wall installation made with tape “Gib’s ab” (“Hand it over”).


Mural in Goa, India, 2015. Banyan tree, national tree of India. Its roots form an incredibly aesthetic network, connecting heaven and earth.

Abundancia exhibition

Collaborative exhibition called “Abundancia” (Spanish for abundance) in Raglan, New Zealand, January 2022. Installation of signature black and white drawings, a centre piece painting on canvas, Mandala on wood and an altar for the sacred feminine. Outdoor exhibition of Yoni portraits, honouring the womb space. Singer-songwriter performance.

Festival exhibition

Contribution to the art zone at Jesus Freaks festival in Germany, 2013. Installation piece “Angel wings”, painting on canvas. Focus of the festival is lived spirituality in a Christian context.

Live painting

Spirit Fest Auckland, New Zealand, 2021. Live painting in the art zone (ply wood, 2m x 3.5m). An intuitive and interactive piece, many heartfelt moments shared with the audience around the topic of the Feminine.

Art of transformation

Solo-exhibition, Banana-Blossom cafe in Tauranga, New Zealand, 2021. Signature black and white drawings, light language and core pieces of my journey of the last four years in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

training & professional life.

Bachelor of Arts in Primary Education

2007-2010, Switzerland

Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy

2018-2020, New Zealand

Certified Yoga Teacher

2018-present, New Zealand

Manager Kawai Purapura Yoga School

2018-2022, New Zealand

Let’s create something unique together.