The beauty of yoga

You breathe and you move, you follow the postures … and you’re connected. To your body and the breath. Spirituality in a nutshell. You breathe and you are present with each moment. Present with yourself, your emotions, your thoughts. You work through the layers with every round of sun salutation. Each breath is consciously cherished, welcomed. Yoga makes us self-aware and allows us to turn inwards. In a fast paced world where our senses get easily overstimulated we need the permission to go inwards, to be still, to be present only with ourselves – not our phones, not our friends at the other end of the world, not with our boss, not with the to do list for tomorrow. It is a skill that needs to be trained: being present with oneself. Watching the mind rather than running after each thought. It is a skill that needs entrainment – just as any other skill. It is the gift of yoga, the permission to be in the moment.

And then it becomes an inner experience. It is no longer about the body’s need for movement. It is no longer the goal to become flexible. It doesn’t matter anymore if my body can hold the balance today – because it has become an inner experience. It is no longer about achieving anything else than pure being, connectedness to the moment, to myself. Yoga builds this inner world that we need so desperately to be safe. To stay grounded in times when everything around us is spinning. Yoga builds our inner world. It’s the place where I trust, where I believe, where I have been found and where I am loved. It’s the only place where I can draw safety and confidence from. It’s a place of being and not doing. It’s a place to find rest and a place to express, a place to feel and a place to stay as long as I need to. It’s home. Inside of us. It’s the embrace of God, it’s peace. Bliss. And this is the beauty of Yoga – that it brings us home.

Yoga offers us profound spirituality by connecting body and mind through the bridge of the breath. The breath is Prana, the life force within us. Cultivating our connection with the breath is cultivating our connection with life itself. It energizes and purifies our system when we breathe. Breathing deeply. Every inhale is presence, every exhale is letting go. It affects our mind and our emotions. It heals our body. Breathe. Breath is Spirit. Yoga offers simple techniques that are not in need of a fancy make up or a complicated philosophy around it. It is not religion either. It is a set of practices that help us to unify the different layers of our being. After decades of separating the mind from the body and the spirit from the two it is much needed that we become one again. That we are no longer fighting against ourselves and left exhausted from the dictatorship of the mind. Blessed are those who learned to manage their mind. This brings true freedom and peace. – Take a first step. Start somewhere. Find a teacher you trust. There’s no need for expensive equipment or much time. A simple breathing technique followed by 3-5 postures takes 20 minutes and can change your life. I wish you the courage to start.

The beauty of Yoga is … building our inner world.

Aum shanti, Ceremony

Image: Cadby Kong

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