the feminine principle in today’s world

“The feminine principle in today’s world” unpacks the soft power of the feminine. It gives a voice to unheard aspects within us and offers healing. The feminine principle is one of receptivity, openness, understanding, acceptance and vulnerability. It is equally relevant to men and women.”

The body of work was born in 2020 when I was offering women’s sharing circles in Auckland and after live painting an interactive yoni yantra at NZ Spirit Fest. We discussed how we experience being feminine in today’s world. The contradictions, the expectations, the confusion, our interactions with the masculine. What it means to be in a female body and how that affects us emotionally. Learning about our natural cycles in the body brought healing. And was challenging in a patriarchal society.

The menstrual cycle became a focus. It is a miracle and a mystery at the same time. It teaches us about rest, about attraction, about our own inner power, about survival and letting go. By embracing and honouring these innate rhythms, we live more harmoniously within ourselves and the world around us.

We are birthing a new reality“, ink, oil, acrylic on canvas, 2021

The feminine principle holds medicine for this world. Not only for women but also and especially for men and all gender-identifications. This body of work is fully inclusive and inspires to reflect on our personal story and relationship to the body. How different will the world look like when we all learn to embrace our vulnerability, our softness, our cycles of change. We are more than ever in need to bring these feminine qualities into our relationship with ourselves, with the Earth Mother, with each other. We are birthing a new reality. Together.

I believe this topic is relevant to individuals and communities. I want to create connection points with the art and its message. Get in touch if you would like me to bring this body of work into your space and create something special and interactive. Watch the video from NZ Spirit fest to get an idea how this could look like.

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