death on the doorstep

Norina Merkabah artist intuitive channelling death life calligraphy

Original. Marker and organic colour on paper. A3 framed. NZD 444 + shipping.

the origin.

DEATH ON THE DOORSTEP is a signature piece by Norina Merkabah. It was created in Golden Bay on the South Island of New Zealand during an artist residency.

Living close to the bush, an animal was being shot. The noise piercing the air, disturbing the peace, invading the space of creation. The fragmented energy reflects in the calligraphy work. Confusion. Frantically trying to escape. Despair.

Norina is an active vegan, speaking up to be compassionate with animals.

The colour used is made of organic materials by the artist and represents the flow of life force, a reminder that death and life are ultimately intertwined.

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