hold my world

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Original. Marker, acrylic on cardboard. NZD 222 + shipping.

hold my world.

This art work has become a centre piece in my work, representing our care for the Earth. She is our Mother, she holds us, she nurtures us. And she stands up to our greed and to the violations she has been enduring for far too long. HOLD MY WORLD is a reminder, a prayer, to protect our precious planet.

The single most effective way to make a positive impact for the environment and the living beings on this planet is to change to a vegan diet. Going plant based is a powerful first step. And then we go from there. Reducing plastic and waste, growing our own food, second hand clothing, supporting local, finding sustainable brands and products, voting and getting politically involved – the list goes on. Start somewhere today. Make an impact. Be part of positive change.

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