Live painting events and channelling are in the focus of my work at present. Performances combine visual art with movement and voice. Contact me for exhibitions, murals and commission work.

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A few handpicked originals are for sale. Visit the shop for details!


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Live painting.

I love live painting at an event to capture its unique energy! Festivals, celebrations, yoga classes … you name it. Inquire by email.


Channelling means to open oneself to be an expression of energy. Channelling has been part of my personal spiritual experience since I was a child and found its unique expressions in sound and shape. My calligraphy work and soundscapes tap into this realm. Channelling brings forth a message from Spirit. I work with light beings and Source energy only. Receiving a channelling feels empowering, protective and uplifting.

commission work.

I create personal channellings in soul language symbols. Different media are available. Contact me directly for inquiries.

Personal tattoo designs can be channelled. I do hand poke tattoos to empower and strengthen your soul. Email me for inquiries and see my instagram for examples. Aotearoa New Zealand and Bali (2023).

Let’s create something unique together.

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