Art of Transformation

I am stoked to present my first exhibition in TaurangaBanana Blossom Cafe right in the city centre is an amazing little place with exceptional staff and great food. 

When I was visiting the neighbourhood around Wharf Street where I used to live 4 years ago, I felt immediately drawn to this place. When I asked whether I could hang up my art here, the owner said that she intended to feature local artists! Needless to say that one of my core pieces that I painted 4 years ago in Papamoa matches the colours of the cafe logo exactly. I am stoked when things align so perfectly. 

All pieces centre around Transformation; a personal journey of transformation started 4 years ago here for me and comes full circle now in miraculous ways. This exhibition includes some of my most recent art work on paper: sacred geometry, mandala and light language channeling form the “wall of transformation”. The bigger pieces on canvas are expressive, colourful and represent inner and outer transformation.

You can take the art away with you straight away, or get in touch via email. These pieces are all originals.

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