The art work I create is intuitive. Each piece is one of a kind. I attune to my environment and I bring forth a message for the soul. Nature and the Land of Aotearoa New Zealand is the foundation for my work that focuses on embodying the soul. I speak to the transcendental aspects of ourselves through voice, sound, symbols, colour and movement. I ask the audience to be receptive and ready to enter an energy field. The spiritually inclined audience will recognise elements of yogic philosophy concepts and traditional tantra in my creative practice.

Art has to stir us up, to turn us inside out sometimes. It soothes us at the same time and shows us a beauty – inside and out – that we are otherwise unable to feel.

I channel a language in writing and speaking that I call language of the soul. These unique symbols are a signature of mine. The symbols work differently to our human alphabets – they follow energy lines and create meaning in combination with each other. Receiving the soul language is easiest in a meditative and judgement-free space. It needs to be felt.


I do personal channellings for people on different media; canvas, paper, wall space or outside building. I love live painting at events and adding that unique dimension to create a special moment. Email me directly for inquiries.


Together with sound elements and object installations I create a space that touches the soul. The channelling aspect of my work make each event unique as the content can never be re-created. I work with voice, sound, movement when performing. Visit the different tabs to learn more.

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