Norina Merkabah art artist abstract

Intuitive original art

My art reserves the right to be not pretty. It is intentional. Purposeful. Art has to stir us up, to turn us inside out sometimes. It soothes us at the same time and shows us a beauty – inside and out – that we are otherwise unable to see. 

My art is original. Each piece captures a moment in time, an energy of the artist and a message that is unique. I hope that each piece finds its person and goes on its own journey through this world. 

I love strong colours and contrast. I channel unique symbols that can be written like a language. These symbols work differently to our human alphabets – the symbols follow energy lines and create meaning in combination with each other. I find that symbols are being understood by the soul and have power beyond the rational mind. Sometimes a translation of the broad meaning can be given. Email me to commission a piece. I work with black and white marker, Indian ink and other media. The size of the art work is up to you as well as the material; paper, canvas, wood, walls – there are many possibilities.

I am available for live painting at events and festivals. Follow me on instagram or email me directly for inquiries.

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