Yoga means to unify, to bring together. It means to shine the light of awareness. Yoga in a traditional understanding is a holistic way of living. The wellbeing of animals and Mother Earth are especially in the focus of my awareness. I am vegan for the animals and the planet and want to inspire others to be empowered in their food choices and make a difference every day. Yogic philosophy has a profound impact on my work as artist. In traditional yoga I find a framework for my life experiences and a vocabulary for spiritual phenomena.

I regard growing our own food as the most political act of our time – reducing our dependency on a faulty system, taking our power back, re-connecting with the elements and increasing gratitude. Together we create communities that support each other.

I created Sundara Yoga School for my yoga offerings that include Hatha and Yin classes, Kirtan, Mantra and Yoga Nidra meditations.

On my blog Hippie Goes Lucky you find articles of mine about travelling, wellbeing, community living, yoga and spirituality. I hope to inspire you!

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