Channelling | Intuitive guidance

I speak a language that I channel. I simply call it the language of my Soul. It sounds a little bit like an indigenous language of a South American tribe. I am still curious if this language actually exists somewhere on this Earth or if it is purely from a light dimension. For me, it is a very powerful channel to pray. Many people feel Spirit move them when I pray for them in this language. Sometimes we see images or we can translate what is being channelled. What comes through is always encouraging, supportive, hopeful and full of love.


  • lie down and relax through a guided Yoga Nidra meditation (15-25 minutes)
  • receive channelling / intuitive guidance through a prayer in the language of the Soul (5-15 minutes) – this part is being recorded for you
  • we talk about what has been channelled and its potential meaning for you
  • sound healing to integrate the experience (10 minutes)
Receive gentle assistance on a Soul level.

A session takes between 60 and 75 minutes. This session is great if you are looking for general guidance and assistance on a Soul level. It helps to not be too focused on one specific question if you choose this session. I trust that whatever message you need to hear will come through. Sometimes it soothes the Soul on a level beyond understanding.


I ask for $75 for a session (60-75 minutes). The session is held online. Book by emailing I look forward to meeting you!

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