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Patreon is my chosen platform to build community. I want to be close with my followers and believe that my art and music brings amazing and spiritually connected people together! Patreon gives us the opportunity to connect with each other.

I consciously move away more and more from instagram and am not on Facebook – I share exclusive content on Patreon and actively engage and inspire my followers here. By becoming a member you directly support me as an artist and help me make a living. Thanks for choosing to support me directly – it means a lot!

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You can book me for an artist performance to make your event unique; live painting, soundscape, singer-songwriter, spoken word, movement, or a combination of the above. Inquire via email and we can discuss what your event needs!

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You find my music on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon and all other online platforms! You can also buy my music directly on Bandcamp.

My newest release! Heart-felt songs on the guitar that guide the way home.
Norina Merkabah fullness remains single Sanskrit mantra singer-songwriter guitar New Zealand artist performance
“Fullness remains” is the translation of an ancient Sanskrit mantra for completion.

Photo credit: Thanks to Tamara for “Fullness Remains”.

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