current projects

The visual art work that I create is intuitive and mostly abstract. Using strong contrasts and symbols I evoke archetypal emotions. Nature and the Land of Aotearoa New Zealand is the foundation for my work that focuses on embodying the soul. I speak to the transcendental aspects of ourselves through voice, sound, symbols, colour and movement. I ask the audience to be receptive and ready to enter a field of energy. The spiritually inclined audience will recognise elements of yogic philosophy and traditional tantra in my creative practice and approach.

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the feminine principle in today’s world

“The feminine principle in today’s world” unpacks the soft power of the feminine. It gives a voice to unheard aspects within us and offers healing. The feminine principle is one of receptivity, openness, understanding, acceptance and vulnerability. It is equally relevant to men and women.” The body of work was born in 2020 when I…

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