Movement therapy

I studied Dance Movement Therapy in Auckland which was a massive part of reconnecting with my body. Together with my extensive training as a Yoga Teacher it has equiped me well to guide you into a movement exploration in your body.

The body and mind and our emotions are one organism and interlinked in multiple ways. Exploring a movement pattern, a restriction or injury in the body can lead to profound insights about our emotional and mental world.

I offer 1:1 movement therapy sessions. This is what a session can look like:

  • guided Yoga Nidra meditation to release tension & restore energy levels
  • guided movement exploration around an emotion, an event or experience – this can be recent or from childhood – aiming at releasing that emotion and exploring attached patterns that keep the body and mind stuck
  • integration through journaling / drawing and / or talking
  • take away: audio file for guided meditation or breathing technique, depending on your needs

A session with me can be particularly helpful if:

  • you experience high levels of stress and struggle to slow down and find rest for body and mind
  • you experience anxiety be it due to a certain event or in general
  • you know that you were subject to traumatic events in your childhood and / or adulthood and if you feel that you are facing the same patterns and triggers again and again – a sign that this trauma has not been released from the body

Sound is a powerful healing modality that helps to calm the nervous system down. I use sound in different forms, either before, during or after the movement exploration.

The initial session is $150. It will take us between 1,5 and 2 hours. The first session is a combination of getting to know each other and of doing very gentle movements. Follow up sessions are $95 for 1,5 hours. Movement therapy sessions are highly personalised and we will honour your personal preferences. Sessions take place at my home studio in a safe atmosphere, surrounded by nature. Anything that is shared in these sessions is confidential.


I am building my professional pathway with Dance Movement Therapy Association Australasia. This includes regular supervision with a qualified Dance Movement Therapist. I have completed the 2 year Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy with Dance Movement Therapy New Zealand and am certified as Practitioner of Dance Movement Therapy.

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