past exhibitions

I have exhibited my work in Europe and New Zealand. Click below to learn more about the bodies of work.

god’s hands

Solo-exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, 2015. A series of black and white drawings of “God’s hands”. Wall installation made with tape “Gib’s ab” (“Hand it over”).

nz spirit fest

Spirit Fest Auckland, New Zealand, 2021. Live painting in the art zone (ply wood, 2m x 3.5m). An intuitive and interactive piece, many heartfelt moments shared with the audience around the topic of…

art of transformation

Solo-exhibition, Banana-Blossom cafe in Tauranga, New Zealand, 2021. This body of work a retrospective on four years in New Zealand. Personal transformation was the catalyst to create – colourful pieces on canvas and…


Collaborative exhibition called “Abundancia” (Spanish for abundance) in Raglan, New Zealand, January 2022. Installation of signature black and white drawings, a centre piece painting on canvas, Mandala on wood and an altar for…

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