Colour & expression

Intuitive original art

My paintings oppose my drawings; they are loud, colourful and expressive. I prefer huge canvases and wall space to paper. Paintbrush strokes, fingerprints, layers, writings, marker, ink, mandala and nature’s elements – there is no limit to my landscapes of colour and shape.

My art comes with a message. It is a carrier of personal meaning and hopes to evoke strong feelings in the viewer. These paintings take me often several years to complete because they are expressions of a deep inner process. Some of them are prophetic, many of them critical, asking big questions and searching for real life answers. I keep adding a layer. And then let the painting (and that part of myself) rest. The painting travels with me, often from one phase of my life into the next. I add another layer. One tiny detail that changes everything. Until it feels complete.

Letting go of a painting means to pass that energy on to someone else. To wish them well. To trust that they need exactly what a painting stands for. My canvases are carriers of energy.

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