Mantra & Kirtan

I designed an 8 weeks course that cover the basics of Mantra & Kirtan. I also offer private tuition if you already started the journey.

Kirtan is such a powerful practice and as a beginner it can be a little intimidating but seeing the way Norina embodies the practice with grace and joy and ease inspired me to believe that I could do the same.

– Rebecca, student at Anahata Yoga Retreat, 2021


  • 8 weeks course $360 for 1 person
  • 8 weeks course $540 for 2 people – share with a friend and learn together!
  • Private tuition $45/hour

I teach online or in person. Email me to discuss details & get started!


This course can be completed with focus on the voice, or you can incorporate the harmonium or guitar. It’s up to you! I will adapt the course content to your needs as we go. You will leave equipped with at least two Kirtan that you are confident to lead! All learning is practical and experiential. 10 minutes homework per day are recommended to make the most out of the course. I will share online resources with you for that purpose.

Kirtan we work with: Ganesha Sharanam | Jaya Mata Durga | Shiva Shambho | Om Namaha Shivaya | Jaya Sita Rama | Maha Mantra | Om Vasudevaya

Email me to receive the full course outline and some more information.


Something I learned with Norina that has changed my perception about leading a Kirtan is the fine art of letting go – allowing the group itself to guide the experience, rather than trying to control it.

Norina has that very special ability to create a strong and supportive container in which I feel safe and encouraged to be just who I am.

She beautifully leads with ease, humility and integrity, taking us on a journey where expression emerges from pure Divinity.

Her deep knowledge about Mantra and music makes her teachings profound and long lasting. Powerful woman sharing powerful tools.

– Luxmi, student at Anahata Yoga Retreat, 2021

I’m so grateful that I crossed paths with Norina and was able to explore Kirtan with her guidance.

She holds space for full acceptance of whatever is being expressed and this space of full acceptance allows creativity to blossom.

It’s a rare opportunity to learn with such a genuine, skilled and heart-felt Kirtanist. I am now back in the United States and offering my first Kirtan workshop, with encouragement from Norina!

– Rebecca, student at Anahata Yoga Retreat, 2021
Norina leading Kirtan at Anahata Yoga Retreat
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