you will find your voice.

My journey with music and sound evolved over the past 20 years. I started out as a shy singer-songwriter when I wrote my first song at 18. I performed in musicals and was the front singer of a metal band for a little while. I moved to Hamburg and recorded my first album “Everywhere I go” (now re-released as “Coming Home”), followed by “Meeting Grace”. In Goa I received amazing support for my music and gave my first solo concert under the stars. While travelling I wrote more songs for Mother Earth and songs to God. When yoga became a focus in my life, I discovered my love for Mantra and Kirtan and learned to play the harmonium.


Chanting in my soul language is something I am exploring right now. The handpan, crystal bowls and percussion create a hypnotic soundscape.

I activate the audience with my message and presence. My voice is the bridge and the centre of the different aspects of the music that I write.

“You will find your voice”, someone had said to me back then, and I keep being reminded of how true this has become.


You find my music on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon and all other online platforms! You can also buy my music directly on Bandcamp.

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My newest release! Heart-felt songs on the guitar that guide the way home.
Norina Merkabah fullness remains single Sanskrit mantra singer-songwriter guitar New Zealand artist performance
“Fullness remains” is the translation of an ancient Sanskrit mantra for completion.
A handpan album to dream beyond time and space.
Freedom songs for a time like this.
Songs for beloved Mother Earth.

Photo credit for album covers: “Fullmoon & Fire” and “Earth Medicine”: Jordan from Undersoul photography. Thanks to Tamara for the shot for “Fullness Remains”.

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