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My journey with music and sound has evolved enormously over the past 20 years! I started out as a shy singer-songwriter who hated every note that came out of my mouth, yet couldn’t help but write more music. For a little while I was the front singer of a metal band and loved the challenge for my voice and the strong contrast to the dense music. Then I travelled the world and wrote songs for Mother Earth and songs to God. When Yoga became a focus in my life, I discovered my love for Mantra and Kirtan and learned to play the harmonium. I now combine all of these explorations with my voice in the centre. “You will find your voice”, someone said to me, and I keep being reminded of how true this becomes…


Soundscape focuses on channelling through my voice and on healing vibrations through sound. The handpan is a very special instrument and I dedicated my latest album “Ambrosia” to this instrument. I also work with crystal bowls to create a soundscape that invites sung prayers in the language of the soul that I speak. This project will include many more explorations in the near future and is a delicate offering that needs the right audience.


Meanwhile I love the music I write on the guitar and love performing them in an intimate setting. I invite groups of people to join me in devotional singing (Kirtan). It is a powerful way to open the voice and to connect with the Divine. Devotion is an aspect that strongly filters through all of my music, voice and soundscapes. To me, singing is pure bliss. My songs convey messages for the soul and are best delivered raw and face to face.

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An album dedicated to my magical handpan Ambrosia.

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“Fullmoon & Fire” is a collection of songs that need to be heard right now, written for this time that we are in!

Out on Spotify, iTunes and all other platforms!

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9 songs for Mother Earth, Pachamama, our beloved Planet. Relax, do your yoga practice, close your eyes… I hope to touch your Soul with the lyrics and to call us into action!

Spotify, iTunes, Youtube & all other online platforms.

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