art for sale.

We are birthing a new reality. Raglan, 2020-2021. NZ$888 + shipping

These handpicked pieces are for sale. I use different media and work smaller sizes (A5 to A2) on paper and bigger pieces on canvas. Commission work is possible. Contact me directly to acquire an original.

Universal Alchemy. 2021. Canvas board, A4 framed. NZ$ 288 + shipping
soul language symbols Norina Merkabah intuitive
Anchor of Light. 2021, Golden Bay. A3, framed. NZ$444 + shipping

Art has to stir us up, to turn us inside out sometimes. It soothes us at the same time and shows us a beauty – inside and out – that we are otherwise unable to feel.

soul language Norina Merkabah channelling light language symbols mandala
Expansion. 2021, Golden Bay. A3 in A2 frame. NZ$555 + shipping
Ma Durga. 2020-2021. Canvas 1.5 x 2m. NZ$1222 + shipping
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