I specialise in hand poke tattoos, made by hand with needle and vegan ink. These are in general quite gentle and more organic than machine made tattoos. A personal design is created for you and we set an intention when we get you inked! I create a little ceremony around it – each tattoo highlights a part of you and is unique. Check my latest work out on instagram: Norina Merkabah.

How I work:

  • You send me your idea / select one of my designs. When I channel a personal symbol for you, I charge $60/hour. I suggest a price for the whole piece, including follow up session.
  • We select a spot for your tattoo and I draw the design with a marker onto your body. Usually, I give you a day to walk around with it and be sure it is the right spot, the right size and the right symbol. Should you chose to not go ahead with the tattoo, I ask for $60 for the work done so far.
  • We meet for the actual tattoo session. We do a little ceremony and I speak a prayer while you hold your intention in your heart.
  • All I use for the tattoo is cruelty free, vegan ink, high quality needles and organic coconut oil.
  • You send me a picture about a week after our session. If any dots are missing, we meet for a short follow up session. Usually the hand poke tattoos are healed after 3 to 7 days.

Do you feel ready? Email me: norina@norinamerkabah.com

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