{Healing spaces}


I create spaces of radical acceptance for you to be safe and to feel at home. My {Art} inspires new ways of thinking and being. Art is allowed to question everything. Art must express feelings that are long forgotten or have never been fully felt. Art is healing.

My {Music} is an important element in the space. Words, poems, sung into the precious silence. My music speaks of a deep love for Mother Earth, of new found freedom and of the longing that fuels our journey home. Let your soul breathe!

An intimate way to connect is through a {Tattoo}. It allows me to read your energy, to create something unique for you and to bless you through this intentional design.

As a {Yoga} practitioner and teacher, the traditional yogic concepts influence my work and find their expressions in everyday life. The Yoga that I share incorporates philosophy, mantra and meditation. More modern forms of sound healing and connecting with body and earth support emotional {Healing} and recovery from deep stress. I love to support you working through trauma, anxiety and depression, according to my capacity. You can email me to get in touch: norina@norinamerkabah.com.

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