A handpan album to dream.

Freedom songs for a time like this.

9 songs for beloved Mother Earth.

My journey with music and sound has evolved enormously over the past 20 years. I started out as a shy singer-songwriter who hated every note that came out of her mouth, yet couldn’t help but write more music. For a little while I was the front singer of a metal band and loved the challenge for my voice and the strong contrast to the dense music. Then I travelled the world and wrote songs for Mother Earth and songs to God. When yoga became a focus in my life, I discovered my love for Mantra and Kirtan and learned to play the harmonium. I now combine all of these explorations with my voice in the centre. “You will find your voice”, someone said to me, and I keep being reminded of how true this has become.

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Photo credit for album covers Fullmoon & Fire, Earth Medicine: Jordan from Undersoul photography

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