Yoga Teacher training

Yoga Teacher training at Kawai Purapura Yoga School, Auckland

I work for Kawai Purapura Yoga School and am part of the faculty for the Yoga Teacher Training courses. We offer 200 hours foundational and 300 hours advanced teacher training.

Our 200 hour programme is offered in three different course options each year and trains students in classical Hatha Yoga. It gives a taste of the richness of Yoga that goes way beyond the mat. It is one of the most traditional training programmes that you will find in Aotearoa – New Zealand and orientates itself on the Bihar School of Yoga in North-India (Satyananda Yoga Tradition). I am passionate about this course and look forward to be part of your transformational journey!

Details regarding the content & enrolment for the training is on the website. If you have questions email me under

Yoga training with Yin Culture at Anahata Yoga Retreat, Takaka

Since I discovered traditional Yoga, I fell in love with Mantra, the Yoga of sound. Sanskrit Mantra have a powerful effect on the nervous system when chanted repeatedly. As with all Yoga practices, it is best to experience it. Each Mantra carries a unique rhythm, vibration and intention. The harmonium is often used for chanting, and I felt so drawn to this magical little piano! Turns out that my grand-grandmothers played this instrument and that it actually comes from Switzerland – I had no idea!

I am stoked to have been asked to volunteer with Yin Culture for their training at Anahata Yoga Retreat in the South Island. It’s an established eco community up on the majestic Takaka hill, overlooking the ocean. Nikolas and Connie from Yin Culture, together with their amazing team, do an incredible job with their trainings. Authentic, traditional yogic wisdom is taught and practiced in a beautiful environment.

Visit for more info or follow them on Instagram!

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