Embodied Coaching


My story is a story of resilience, healing and shedding skins that didn’t fit me. It includes early childhood trauma, growing up around a parent with a mental illness, dissociation from my body, getting married early and divorced while living overseas, and creating a new life literally at the end of the world. My story is my biggest treasure. Believe me that I didn’t always perceive it that way – on the contrary, often it felt too heavy to carry. So it was time to shed another skin. Maybe it is time for you to shed yours?


I am passionate about supporting you on your journey of transformation. I know from experience how difficult it is to ask for help when we are used to figure it all out on our own! I also know how much we need the support of a Mother, a Sister, another Wise Woman. In the centre of my coaching is the embodied experience; there are different layers of transformation, and the body always needs to be part of the healing. Embodied coaching will help you release the physical residues of past experiences. Together we will create space for new life experiences.

Berlin, Germany, (c) Selina Zwahlen

The body holds answers to all our questions.


I studied Dance Movement Therapy and blend these tools with my knowledge as a Yoga Teacher. A session can help to sort thoughts, to release stress, express feelings or gain clarity about a decision. You remain sovereign over your life decisions and it is you doing the work. I designed 2 types of offerings to support you: Yoga for stress and anxiety and working through trauma. Read more in the drop down menu about these session types.

Sessions are held online. This offering starts in 2022, as soon as my other work commitments allow. Get in touch early: ceremonywoods@gmail.com

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