Yoga for anxiety

Anxiety and depression are common challenges in our time and age. I found them to have similar roots although the symptoms look different. We demand a lot of ourselves in every area of life. And we worry about our shortcomings and about what others might think of us. We judge ourselves, often without realizing it. Many people with anxiety and depression are highly functioning and no-one knows about their constant inner battle. Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand but at times one condition might be more present. Our quality of living is significantly diminished, we experience less joy and it is hard to relax.

Yoga is a powerful tool to bring us back in connection with ourselves. Anxiety and depression indicate an imbalance that yoga addresses through different practices. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the most profound practices are often the most powerful. In this 6 weeks course we focus on how to manage anxiety better, using tools from yoga and mindfulness. Each session is divided into three parts: Learning. Reflecting. Exploring. We learn about anxiety and build loving self-awareness. This is deep work that is related to childhood and core believes. In each session there will be time to reflect. We end the session by exploring simple yoga practices for anxiety. The course is designed for everyone. No previous yoga experience is required. A yoga mat is provided. Your wellbeing is in the focus.

Participants will

  • learn about the roots for anxiety & depression
  • use a journal to reflect on their personal experience
  • build self-awareness around their wellbeing
  • learn simple yoga postures and breathing techniques to manage anxiety better
  • use yoga nidra as a tool for relaxation – audio file provided as a takeaway

The 6 weeks course can be booked individually (one on one with me) or together with a friend / family member. It is also offered as a course with limited spaces for the public. Get in touch:

See you soon, Ceremony

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